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Vanagon TDI Conversions

Vanagon TDI Conversions

Eurovan (T4) TDI conversions now available! If you thought TDI Vanagons were off the hook, wait till you drive one of these! New Eurovan TDI webpage coming soon, but in the meantime check out our new Eurovan TDI Yahoo group, our new shop blog or send us an email for more info on this exciting conversion.

TDI Vanagon Conversions
The ultimate powerplant for power, torque, and efficiency in a Vanagon.
28-33 MPG, and up to 150+hp and 300+ ft/lbs torque!

Bis später wasserboxer and hallo TDI! We are once again offering fully electronic 1.9TDI Vanagon conversions installed at 50* using stock diesel Vanagon mounting hardware. We utilize the 1Z/AHU (90hp 155ft/lb--stock) TDI engine that allows for the engine deck lid to remain unmodified, as well as ground clearance to remain roughly the same as the original 1.9/2.1 wasserboxer engine. All of our conversions are done 100% in-house, including wiring harness and instrument cluster mods.

Compared to every other engine conversion option for a Vanagon there is just no two ways about it: The TDI engine is hands-down the best option in terms of durability, longevity, efficiency, tune-ability and power. We are happy to be offering these conversions to the Vanagon community and we strive to keep producing the gold standard in quality Vanagon TDI conversions in North America.

When we perform any VW engine conversion we strive to keep every stage of the conversion as close to stock as possible. Volkswagen has spent millions and millions of dollars engineering their engines/vehicles for safe and reliable operation, and whenever possible we use factory VW parts to accomplish the task at hand. Now, since TDI engines didn’t exist during the Vanagon production years we are in the position of stitching the two together across the divide of several years and a whole generation of vehicles, and in doing so we try to execute this delicate operation as we imagine VW would have from the factory. That’s our modus operandi: stick to VW conventions with all things, and when in doubt, think like a German VW engineer named Günther.

All of our TDI Vanagon conversions now include a Stage I tune, which gives the engine 110hp and 185ft/lb torque. We have found this to be the best "entry level" power level for a TDI Vanagon, though even at the stock 90hp/155ft-lbs it will blow the doors off of any WBXer!

We are now offering several options for those interested in doing their own conversions including: Vanagon TDI conversion parts in our online store, wiring harness modifications, email/phone consultations ($50/hr), and personal appearances (travel expenses + a fee to be determined by your location and the tasks at hand--HI bills out less than TX ;-) to help you with you complete your conversion. If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us for more information.

Here are some of the features that are presently standard on our TDI Vanagon conversions:

Basic TDI Conversion:

*fully rebuilt 1.9l TDI engine

*brand new K03 OE Borg Warner turbocharger

*hybrid clutch kit using single mass AHU TDI flywheel/G60 pressure plate and
wasserboxer 228mm clutch disc (300+ ft/lbs rating)
*100% biodiesel compatible Viton® fuel hoses, and injection pump seals/gaskets

*rebuilt/re-geared transaxle w/ 1.08 3rd gear ratio,
and .70 4th gear ratio (built by German Trans of America in Bend, OR, or AA Transaxle in Seattle, WA)

*stage I injector tune (110hp/180ft-lbs)

*stock diesel Vanagon mounting hardware, bellhousing and oil pan

*new Bosch DV starter

*GW Exclusive! Custom silicone diesel Vanagon coolant hose set STD on all conversions

*custom high flow exhaust system

*intercooler and associated plumbing

*glow plug light and check engine light mods to instrument cluster

*working cruise control (all) and tach (if present), OBDII interface installed under dash
*Warranty: engine 1-yr/12,000 mile & 1-yr warranty on transmission

Basic TDI Conversion on a stock diesel Vanagon (82/83 only):
Basic TDI conversion 2wd Vanagon with A/C and P/S:
Basic Syncro TDI conversion with A/C and P/S:

Performance TDI Vanagon options:
Want to get even more power/performance out of that TDI engine? Here's a quick way to put your back against the seat and an even bigger smile across your face! (Please note all of our custom engine builds/tunes come standard with ARP head studs and performance ASV pistons unless otherwise noted)

Stage II (adds 10-15hp and 40-50ft/lbs torque):
Stage II Malone tuned ECU
PP520 injectors
Isspro EGT gauge
Stage III (adds 25-30hp and 60-80ft/lbs torque):
Stage III Malone tuned ECU
K03/04 hybrid turbo
PP764 injectors
Isspro EGT gauge
Stage IV (adds 30-50hp and 100-120ft/lbs torque):
K03/K04 hybrid turbo
Stage IV Malone tuned ECU
PP764 injectors
Colt Stage II performance cam
Isspro EGT gauge
Stage V (adds 60-75hp and 130-155ft/lbs torque):
Stage V Malone tuned ECU
K03/K04 hybrid turbo
Race502 injectors
Colt Stage III performance cam
Rosten performance rods
Isspro EGT gauge

Click here for TDI Vanagon installation photos!

Please note, we are usually booked out 2-3 months in advance for these conversions. If you want to get in our schedule we request a 50% deposit up front to allow us to begin assembling the parts/engine for your conversion. We like to have the engine all of the associated parts/installation hardware here before your Van shows up, that way we limit downtime. Please contact us for more info here.

We are located in the quaint PNW college town of Corvallis, OR. For lodging info check out www.visitcorvallis.com as well as www.brooklanecottage.com.

If the TDI conversion is a little out of your price range but you still have a burning desire for a diesel engine in your Vanagon, we also offer 1.9TD, 1.9NA and 1.6TD conversions, on a limited basis as engines and parts are available, please contact us for more info.


85 Vanagon TDI with PP764/T4 injectors, Saab Blackstone intercooler, ARP head studs, high flow exhaust and a stage III custom Malone tune. It may be smokey at full load/throttle, but this van still gets 30+ MPG mixed hwy/city driving. 136hp and 282 ft/lb at the crank (corrected #s) | youtube.com
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