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B100 emits 78.5% less CO2 than petroleum diesel; B20 emits 15.66% less CO2 than petroleum diesel.
-- National Renewable Energy Lab, (NREL)
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TDI Vanagon and TDI Eurovan Conversions now available!

From the NY Times to underneath your Van!  Since 2005 we've been improving and perfecting the art of doing factory quality fully electronic TDI (e-TDI) conversions in Vanagons (T3 1982-1991) and more recently in Eurovans (T4 1993-2002).  We're proud to have raised the bar and created the gold-standard for TDI conversions in North America.  Please check out our picture archive as well as our recent conversion pics for reference. 

In the spring of 2010 we completed the first 4-cyl e-TDI Eurovan (T4) conversion in the US, and at 35mpg and over 260ft/lbs of torque at 2200 RPM, we're quite happy with the results:

Eurovan TDI dyno run

For more info regarding our TDI conversions, please review the pages in the side bar menu and send us an email if you have any questions.

T-shirts and stickers now available at our online store!

Grease Works carries a full-line of US produced SAE30R9 biodiesel compatible hose, from 1/4"-1/2" ID. This hose has a fluoroelastomer lining and a reinforced automotive rated outer jacket. We also carry 100% Viton® fluoroelastomer hose. Although expensive, this is one of the only hoses that is 100% biodiesel resistant inside and out. We also offer vehicle specific biodiesel resistant replacement fuel hose kits for most diesel passenger vehicles available here in the US, as well as bulk Viton® hose. We also offer hose replacement service for your diesel vehicle at our South Corvallis shop at our standard shop rate of $75/hour. For more info on biodiesel hose compatibility, as well as prices, check out our biodiesel hose page.

Arctic Fox
Because of our sales volume we have the most inexpensive Arctic Fox prices online. Check around and see if you can find a better price. If you can we'll beat it.

Grease Works is an authorized dealer of Arctic Fox cold-weather fuel heating products and we stock many of their products including: Hot Fox in-tank coolant heaters, inline coolant heaters, 12v heated fuel line, and 120v/12v tank heating pads. These products work great for SVO conversions as well as for winterizing your biodiesel/diesel fuel system. Most of the other commercial SVO companies online sell products from Arctic Fox and charge astronomical prices well over list for them. We always sell below list price for all of our Arctic Fox products.

For more info/prices check out the Arctic Fox section of our online store. If you don't see what you are looking for please email us and we will get you a quote faster then you can siphon hot grease through a fuel line.

If you have any questions about our services/products please contact Grease Works via email.

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

Grease Works Store!
Visit our online store!

Get your greasy mojo working!
After all these years we finally have a venue to sell our time-tested Viton® hose kits, 12v heating pads, bumper stickers, or organic cotton T-shirts,

Grease Works in the Corvallis Gazette

Advocates fuel change!
Supporters push cleaner-burning biodiesel, but hurdles remain ...

Biodiesel Magazine
Once again in the New York Times!

Got Grease? Then Fill It Up!
DAVE DUNHAM, a Web master from Fayetteville, Ark., proclaims he is not an environmentalist, but just "incredibly cheap." Since 2001, he has fueled his cars with waste cooking oil he gets free from restaurants..

Biodiesel Magazine
Grease Works featured in Biodiesel Magazine

Grease Works, and they're proving it in Oregon!
A New York Times reporter was dispatched to Corvallis, Ore., to interview Justin Soares, the now 25-year-old founder of Grease Works!, an independent biodiesel cooperative that buys and distributes ASTM certified biodiesel in and around the community...

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